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Vegetation Control


WMS can help you manage your nuisance weeds.  Our team has experience with natural and chemical methods of control.

Do you have unruly ponds and streams?  If you have nuisance vegetation such as algae, duckweed, cattails or bulrushes, we can help.

Undesirable brush can be managed by multiple methods:

  • mechanical removal

  • foliar applications

  • basal drenches

  • cut-stump treatments

We can offer chemical control of noxious and invasive weeds such as bush honeysuckle, autumn olive, and annual plants.  Areas where we control weeds include rights-of-way, field edges, fencelines, ditch banks, pastures, and CRP seeding areas.

Our work is performed in a professional manner meeting all regulatory requirements, such as EPA NPDES permits and IDOA/IDNR ecotoxicology requirements.  All chemicals are applied according to the label.

  • Aquatic weed and algae control

  • Brush control (chemical and mechanical)

  • Noxious & invasive weed control

  • Right-of-way spraying

  • Bare ground control


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