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Drainage Engineering


WMS is experienced in all aspects of drainage engineering - we are landowners, farmers, and drainage district members as well as tile contractors and drainage engineers.


We provide reasonable solutions that solve drainage problems.  Our clients come to us from a variety of angles - some are intent on improving drainage in difficult topographies, others are working cooperatively with neighbors to improve area-wide drainage, and still others are simply trying to maintain their existing drainage in the face of development or disputes with adjoining land operators/landowners. 

Many drainage issues are very straightforward once the facts are known, and can be solved inexpensively and efficiently. 

Remember: You pay for the ditch or tile system whether you have it or not!


  • Drainage district formation and engineering

  • Ag topographic and elevation surveys

  • Tile and Drainage Ditch survey & design

  • Tile subirrigation system design

  • NRCS Drainage Water Management (DWM) plans

  • Surface landforming design via our affiliates at OptiSurface

  • Drainage dispute evaluation and resolution

  • Drainage dispute expert witness

Click to see our White Paper on tile spacing in tight clay soils.

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